You Brand

Developing A Celebrity Brand Image For Your Business?

February 6, 2015
Before you read my awesome article...  I would like to ask you a simple question?..  Are you building your business around you or your company?  The reason I ask, is I want you to truly understand…

Is Attraction Marketing Truly The Key To Long Term Success?

November 12, 2014
Attraction Marketing Attraction Marketing is a marketing technique that naturally attracts people to professionals wanting to learn more about there products, and services. Understanding Attraction…
Achieving Goals

Is Goal Setting Really That Important?

November 6, 2014
The real question is... How bad do you want to achieve success in your life and business? Is goal setting that important? Absolutely it is... Setting up achievable goals is vital to reaching your…

The Cost Of Inaction

October 31, 2014
The cost of inaction is a precede “cost” or “price” of doing things that you don't want to do. There's a price of pain, discomfort, and anxiety to just to name a few. These are legitimate…
can't sleep at night

Having Trouble Sleeping At Night?

October 30, 2014
Here's a quick tip to help ease your mind from all the things that run throw your mind at night... If your mind is racing when you lay down at night with all the things you have  going on...…
how to link facebook to twitter

Linking Your Facebook Posts To Your Twitter Account

October 29, 2014
If your using social media to market your brand... Then linking your Facebook Posts to your Twitter account is a grate idea if your always on Facebook like me :) Linking your Twitter account to…
google plus marketing

Are You Using Google Plus For Business?

October 27, 2014
Google Plus is the hottest thing in social media right next to Facebook. In just a few short days, the site gathered hundreds of thousands of users, making it a definite contender in the social…

Learn How To Get Rid Of Those Annoying Facebook Group Posts

October 22, 2014
Facebook's news feed group post can get annoying when your involved in hundreds of them. There have been a few times that I have had to go and delete myself out of groups. I'm sure this also happens…
woman pulling her hair

6 Reasons Why We Are The Worst Enemy In Our Business

October 21, 2014
During this past year i ran into some road blocks that has slowed my business down.  I realized my biggest road block was myself.  I failed to realize that I needed to stop being so hard on…
facebook marketing tip

Network and Grow Your Business Correctly on Facebook

October 15, 2014
Facebook has made it easier for the Home Business owner to network and build relationships with like minded people all over the world. As a Home Business owner it's important to know that networking…
Writing Tips

7 Quality Content Writing Tips

October 6, 2014
7 Quality Content Writing Tips Content writing is the most important object in any web page. It doesn't only attract audience but also plays a very important role in retaining them. Thus, in order…